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North Carolina Packaged Bees

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We are booked for the year for our medium and deep nucs.

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Coming Soon Janice has been working on a new line of products that will be available through Tate's Apiaries. Get a sneak peak about what she's been up to by clicking here.

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Who We Are

Tate's Apiaries is a family owned, North Carolina business. The husband/wife team of Larry and Janice Tate have been keeping bees for 12 years and have been in business full time for 5 years. The first hive – started from a cut out – sarted a passion that has grown steadily and continues to grow.

Tate's Apiaries business currently consists of selling bees, supplies, and honey. Bee sales include nucs, local packages, and queens. The apiaries are inspected yearly and Tate's Apiaries holds a current permit to sell bees issued by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Learn More >

Our Products

Queen Bees
Our honey bee queens are raised in North Carolina. We raise Carniolan and Hygienic Italian queen bees. This year we will also be raising a small number of Wayne's Survivor queen bees. Learn More >

Packages & Nucs
We provide North Carolina raised bees in packages, by the pound, or in nucs (when available). Learn More >

Our pure sweet wildflower honey is collected from our local hives. All of our honey comes from local plants and wildflowers including blackberries, strawberries, tulip poplar, and clover. Honey is processed at the Tate's Apiaries Honey House. Learn More >

What Others Say About Us

I began beekeeping in the winter of 2009. My mentor, Larry Tate, has taught me a lot of things that the books can't. Things like actual experience.
Jared Watkins - Bee Happy Apiary

I would recommend Tate's Apiaries to anybody interested in raising bees. The gentle temperament of these bees has made it a pleasure to work with them as a first time beekeeper. And Larry and Janice have provided invaluable support and advice.
RavenRidge Community Organization, Pilot Mountain, NC