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Beekeepers Larry and Janice Tate

About Tate's Apiaries

Tate's Apiaries is a family owned, North Carolina business. The husband/wife team of Larry and Janice Tate have been keeping bees for 17 years and have been in business full time for 10 years. The first hive – started from a cut out – started a passion that has grown steadily and continues to grow.

Tate's Apiaries business currently consists of selling bees, supplies, and honey. Bee sales include nucs, local packages, and queens. The apiaries are inspected yearly and Tate's Apiaries holds a current permit to sell bees issued by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Beekeepers Larry and Janice Tate are members of the Forsyth County Beekeepers Association. Larry and Janice have both been certified for fulfillment of the first level requirements in the Master Beekeeper Program sponsored by the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service and the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association. They also have participated in the Born and Bred in NC Bee Breeders Clinic.

Larry Tate

Larry came to beekeeping by an unusual route. After years of working in the construction industry, he developed tendonitis in his elbow that wouldn't respond to traditional medical treatment. Janice happened to mention Larry's problem to an avid beekeeper who was using apitherapy successfully to treat himself and others with a variety of ailments. The beekeeper sent Janice home with bees and instructions and within six weeks Larry's tendonitis had improved significantly. When they got the opportunity provided by the cut out, the Tate's became beekeepers. The passion for the bees took over and a business was born. Larry and Janice both love helping others get started in beekeeping and finding opportunities to learn from others.

Larry does the packages and nucs with seasonal help from Matt Brewer – a seasoned beekeeper – and others.

When they can, Larry and Janice go to the coast to fish.

Janice Tate

Janice began beekeeping when she and Larry decided to start a beekeeping business. Janice handles all queen raising activities including grafting and planting queen cells, pulling and marking mated queens, and mailing queens to fill orders. During the honey season, Janice handles most of the extracting, jarring, and labeling associated with honey processing. Janice is an integral part of the day to day operation of the business helping handle orders, emails, phone calls, and questions. In the off season, Janice helps with whatever maintenance is required including putting together new frames, adding foundation, and other activity as required.

Beekeeping is a daylight to dark business, so Janice is learning to balance beekeeping with regular household and families activities.

In December 2014, Janice started to make some new products using honey, homegrown beeswax, and propolis from the Tate's Apiaries hives. You can see a sample of her "Beautiful Bee" products by clicking here.