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Tate's Apiaries Honey label

Our pure sweet wildflower honey is collected from our local hives. All of our honey comes from local plants and wildflowers including blackberries, strawberries, tulip poplar, and clover. Honey is processed at the Tate's Apiaries Honey House.

Honey extraction for wildflower honey starts in May. From time to time, we also offer sourwood honey and when that is available, extraction starts in early August. Please check back if you are interested in sourwood honey.

Wildflower honey – $10/pint or $20/quart
Honey Comb – $12/pound
Sourwood honey (when available) – $20/pint or $40/quart

For larger quantities of honey or for shipping rates, please contact us.

How to order:

Call us at (336) 972-3583 or (336) 970-3952

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