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North Carolina Packaged Bees

Our North Carolina raised packaged bees come with 3 pounds of bees and a laying queen.

Queens are marked to make identification in the hive easy.

We are booked for our local packaged bees.


5 frame nucs are the most recent offering of Tate's Apiaries and a limited number will be available. Our nucs provide bees, brood, a laying queen, plus pollen and honey to start a healthy new colony of bees. Nucs come with either deep or medium frames and are delivered in waxed cardboard nuc boxes. All you will need to do is to transfer the frames to your hive.

Nucs are available with either Carniolan or Italian queens. All queens are marked and producing good laying patterns before they are sold. Please specify Carniolan or Italian queen at time of order.

We are booked for our nucs for this year.

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