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Order Bees for 2016

Early Spring Packaged Bees from Southern Georgia

Delivery update: Packaged bees come with 3 pounds of bees and a laying queen. We will have two deliveries this spring with pickups days in both Winston-Salem and Willow Springs.

Package pickup at Tate's Apiaries in Winston-Salem will be March 29th and April 18th.
Package pickup in Willow Springs will be March 30th and April 19th (directions will be provided).

Price: $110 each. Please specify pickup location and date when you order. Full payment is due 2 weeks before delivery.

North Carolina Packaged Bees

We are no longer taking orders for NC packaged bees. But order your Georgia early spring packages now for delivery in March and April.


We are no longer taking orders for our 5 frame nucs.

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