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Order Bees for 2017

Early Spring Packaged Bees from Southern Georgia

Tentative pick up dates are March 22nd and April 29th. Packaged bees come with 3 pounds of bees and a laying queen. We will have two deliveries this spring with pickups days in both Winston-Salem and Willow Springs.

Price: $108 each. Please specify pickup location and date when you order. Full payment (check or money order) is due by March 1st.

Marked queens: Packages come with unmarked queens unless you order a marked queen. If you wish to have marked queens in your package, you must specify this at time of order. Add $4 for each marked queen.

North Carolina Packaged Bees and Nucs

We're making major changes to our bee yards so unfortunately we won't have NC raised nucs or packages available for 2017. But please check back in late spring to see what's new at Tate's Apiaries.

How to order:

Call us at 336-788-4554

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